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Try The #1 Cold Theraphy Training Tool

And Elite Recovery Right From Home!

Introducing the most insulated cold therapy product on the market. The Ice Barrel 500 is an upright, spacious cold therapy tool. 

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  • Made in the USA from recycled materials
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • L 57.6” x W 30.7” x H 42.1” (Fits most body types up to 7’)
  • Holds 356 liters (94 gallons)
  • 104 lbs. when empty
  • Chiller ports are 3/4″ NPT with 14 TPI
  • Patent pending
  • Fully insulated – Whether you’re using ice or a chiller, the thick polyurethane foam insulation throughout the barrel and lid helps keep your water colder for longer, especially in warm weather.
  • Spacious upright position – With an integrated seat and generous interior space, the Ice Barrel 500 allows you to enjoy a comfortable, upright seated position. This allows you to easily submerge up to your neck for maximum full-body benefit.
  • Easy entry/exit – The Ice Barrel 500 has built-in steps and an internal seat that make it easy to enter and exit.

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Pain is a complex mix of physical, mental, and emotional responses. People have different tolerances and reactions to pain. The higher the perception of pain, the more likely it is to be accompanied by negative emotions.

Cold water immersion is an effective way to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which is associated with a “rest and digest” response. The vagus nerve is the primary nerve of this system and is responsible for healthy digestion, healing, and feelings of well-being.

Experiment with combining cold therapy with breathing techniques, meditation, singing, or other calming practices that also stimulate the vagus nerve.

By affecting the physical structure, mental perception, and overall emotional response, ice baths provide natural relief and improved recovery for competitive athletes, weekend warriors, and fitness enthusiasts

The Ice Barrel Features An Upright Design, Which Is Ideal For Full-Body Immersion Up To The Neck. It’s Easier To Breathe And Relax Compared To Lying Down In A Tub.

Personal Fitness Coach

❄ Improves Mood And Brain Health
❄ Activates The Nervous System – Immune System, Cardiovascular, And Endocrine Systems
❄ Better Recovery And Performance
❄ Reducing Swelling And Muscle Spasms

❄ Holds 105 gallons of water
❄ Easy-to-Use Drainage System
❄ 42” high by 31” wide opening 25” wide
❄ Made in Ohio, USA w/ recycled materials
❄ 55lbs Еmpty 750lbs when fill with 80gls
❄ Limited Lifetime Warranty


Each model offers distinct features. When making this decision, keep your local climate, accessibility requirements, and how you intend to use the barrel in mind when making your selection. The Ice Barrel 300 features an ergonomic shorter and wider design for easy entry/exit without needing a step stool. Plus, its fully insulated construction makes it perfect for warmer climates. The Ice Barrel 400 features a taller and larger upright position that’s suitable for people taller than 6’2″, or who weigh more than 250 pounds. Meanwhile, its larger sister model – Ice Barrel 500 – comes fully insulated for climates with warm temperatures; additionally it can easily accommodate chillers without needing modifications or other modifications.

The Ice Barrel 300 can accommodate people up to 6’2″, 250 pounds. The Ice Barrel 400 accommodates people of 6’6″, 300 lbs. while the 500 is suitable for most individuals up to 7 feet.

Maintaining and cleaning the Ice Barrel requires very minimal care, with its simple drain system connected to a standard garden water hose for drainage. Water should be changed as needed (ideally once every four weeks). Water stabilizer can help keep it clear; our maintenance kit contains everything needed to keep your Ice Barrel running smoothly!

Designed for all body types, the Ice Barrel 500 was specifically created to cater to fitness enthusiasts of various shapes and sizes. Large enough to comfortably accommodate most people of varying shapes, it offers maximum insulation performance with integrated seating and steps for convenience making this unit perfect for home, gyms and backyard use.

Yes. The Ice Barrel 500 fits through 31-inch standard doors, making it an excellent solution for those with limited space. Though only 104 pounds when empty, when filled with water it can reach nearly 900 lbs – be sure that your space can support this load before purchasing one!

Penguin Chillers Barrel Cold Therapy Chiller is designed specifically for use with an Ice Barrel 500 to chill water or ice to your desired temperature. Simply plug the inlet at the top of barrel with its plug provided and fill as necessary until desired temperatures have been reached.

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